Our Mission

Our mission is to preserve paradise. Through fundraising, hands-on projects, and strategic partnerships with related non-profit organizations around the world, PARADISE.NGO is redefining disaster relief. For over a decade, PARADISE.NGO (formerly known as The Paradise Fund) has been dedicated to assisting disaster relief in areas where it is most needed. From rebuilding schools, constructing community centers, and delivering emergency supplies such as food, water and medicine, PARADISE.NGO, is ready to take action in a moment’s notice. Premised on the indisputable value that immediate relief is an absolute must in the wake of natural disaster, our organization is light on our feet and uniquely designed to be capable to assist first responders in a moment’s notice.


Where many non-profit organizations often fall short, our goal is to provide full transparency in our relief efforts. Working in connection with local business and non-profit organizations, PARADISE.NGO will provide its donors and supporters with ongoing status updates regarding our hands-on work. By documenting our philanthropic works, both on film and on paper, PARADISE.NGO provides a modern level of transparency for disaster-relief work.

What We've Achieved

  • First responder flights into the Northern Bahamas in the wake of Hurricane Dorian, Hurricane Joaquin and Hurricane Matthew.

  • Construction of a local community center in Jacmel, Haiti for people displaced by the Port-au-Prince earthquake in 2010.

  • Hurricane relief flights based out of Port-au-Prince, Haiti following Hurricane Matthew.

  • First responder flights to Key West, FL following Hurricane Irma.